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What CGCloud do…

…for Brands

We help brands find 3D visualization partners to work with

Leave it to us to find the perfect 3D agency for your marketing so you don’t have to. It’s completely free.

We take away the guess-work by figuring out for your what kind of agency you need

We listen to your needs and filter out our list of 3D agencies and artists to find the perfect partner for you that fits your project and budget.

…for Artists

Find clients with no effort

By signing up to CGCloud and filling your profile with as much information about what you provide as possible you can start finding clients to work with automatically.

Build relationships and connect with others

In CG projects, teams are often assembled with both agencies and freelancers. This builds long lasting relationships within the industry.

We Build Long Lasting Relationships Between Businesses and 3D Artists

There are many different types of 3D artists and agencies that focus on different types of material which can be difficult for companies to know what services they need or how to go about getting them.

Our goal is so bridge these gaps by connecting you with the perfect 3D Visualization partner for free using our directory of 3D professionals with specific expertise who have signed up on our website looking for work!

Our services are completely free as we beta test and build a bigger list of professionals for your 3D needs.


“CGCloud connected us with a great brand that we had a fantastic project with. I couldn’t recommend this service enough!”

Vita L – Founder
Visuals By Nor

“CGCloud helped us tremendously with finding the right agency to work with for our upcoming product launch.”

Eric H. –
Company Asked To Remain Unnamed


How it works…

1. 3D Artists and Agencies Sign Up to CGC

When 3D professionals sign up using our online signup form, we ask a have them fill in as much info about what they provide as possible.

Sign Up as a 3D Artist or Agency


2. Brands and Businesses Contact Us About Their Needs

When businesses contact us about finding 3D partners we filter through our 3D artist database to find the most fitting freelancer or agency for their specific needs.

Find 3D Professionals


3. Connection!

Lastly, we contact the 3D professional to confirm they are available before connecting them with the client.

If they aren’t available or it’s not a good fit, we move on the candidate number 2 and so on. No obligations.

Did I mention that it’s all completely free?

What is 3D Visualization?

3D Visualization is a wide field of different techniques where you usilize a 3D computer software to make images, videos and interactive material in digital 3D that can often be very lifelike. 

It’s used in all kinds of marketing like retail products, real-estate and much more.

Some of the more prominent uses for 3D are…

Product 3D Visualization

Using 3D to produce images and videos of products for marketing use.


Real-Estate/Architectural Visualization

With 3D you can get striking images and videos showing off your real-estate projects in life-like details before it’s even built.

Real-Time 3D

Real-Time 3D  gives you the ability to interact with digital 3D material in real time. Used for both things like digital house tours, product configurators and video games.


3D VFX – Visual Effects

Used to produce digital 3D special effects like you see extensively in modern animated advertisements. These can be simulated real life things like fire, smoke or water or abstract intricate patterns.


Find Your Perfect 3D Partner

By filling out this form with as much details about your project as possible we can connect you with a fitting 3D artist or agency to work with. No strings attached and no obligations. If you feel it’s not a great fit you just get back to us and we’ll find someone else based on your feedback.

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